Created a flyer to go with the site. PDF download, 944k.

Ohio Motosports Group, LLC

Abici Bikes, Flash Intro

I created this for Abici Bikes, simple Flash intro to their site.

Jak Prints, website redesign

I worked with Vince Franz on the Jak Prints website back in 2003 and came up with this comp.

Cleveland Live, site redesign

I made back in 1996-1997 at my first real design job at Cleveland Live (now cleveland.com).

Smucker's, Flash Coloring Book

This was created for Smucker's when I worked at DigitalDay.


The Framebuilders' Collective

Ibis Cycles, LLC, v1

Ibis Cycles, LLC, v2

Ibis Cycles, great group to work with. Scot Nicol has a great sense of humor. Sheryl Chapman did the illustrations, I did the layout and php/Flash programming.

Ogden Properties, LLC

Curt Goodrich

wildrepublic.com Flash Puzzles

Created in 2002.

Cleveland Film Society, v1

Kirk Frameworks